Getting started Royal Clash, first decks

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Today we present the first part of the guide “How to start on Clash Royale”. Before you jump into the arena, you must first build a deck, solid and versatile. First, put the cards with which you most you feel comfortable, then try later to balance the deck as the cost elixirs that diversity maps.

The balance of a deck in elixirs

For a beginner deck, make a deck with an average elixirs between 3.2 and 3.8. For the more advanced, a deck between 3.6 and 4.3 seems more appropriate.

The interest to do a deck in this slice of average elixirs is quite simple, cards with high costs represent those who put in the most danger when you make a mistake: sending a rocket to 6 and elixirs not to create “elixirs advantage” or some pressure certainly will lead you to your loss so that sending a bomber 3 elixirs without it got much penalize you certainly, but to a lesser extent. A deck below this range will be annihilated by a single fate like Arrows or Fireball.

The variety of cards

Have you ever met a ball that shaves all your towers by lack of air-raid? Do you ever broke a horde of skeletons without being able to manage? It is no doubt that your deck with a variety of card problem. For a deck is considered balanced and ready for any situation, we recommend the following ratios with the first cards available.

At least 2 anti-aerial maps (not out). Their goal is to destroy enemy air units (example: the Baby Dragon). The most used for this role cards are currently:

Anti-aircraft units

cr_communes_gargouilles cr_communes_gobelinsalances cr_rares_mousquetaire

Minimum 1 card-type spell, they serve to destroy or slow mass units. The most used for this role cards are currently:


cr_communes_fleches cr_epiques_gel cr_rares_bouledefeu

Minimum 1 card-type building, their goal is to gain an advantage over your opponent by destroying enemy units (for Canon and the Tower of hell) or to take the lead in generating more elixirs (for the collector elixirs). The most used building cards are currently:

The buildings

cr_communes_canon cr_rares_collecteurdelixir cr_rares_tourdelenfer

Minimum 1 AoE card type. As the fates, their purpose is to destroy the mass units. The most used cards for AoE damage are currently:

AoE units

cr_epiques_bebedragon cr_epiques_sorciere cr_rares_valkyrie

It is also strongly advised to have a sample unit “Tank”, their goal is to take damage for the rest of your units can do damage to enemy units and enemy towers. Most Played tanks are:


cr_epiques_pekka cr_epiques_squelettegeant cr_rares_geant

It is on this principle that the decks at the top of the legendary arena were built! Add the 2 most suited cards to your style of play and will bring down many towers! The most highest arenas are just waiting for you!

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