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Click the screen without stopping to get rich in Tap Tap Trillionaire

Click the screen without stopping to get rich in Tap Tap Trillionaire


If in time you disfrutasteis of Bitcoin Billionaire , I’ll be happy to know the game greatly that we present today by the similarities it presents. Again we have a game with very simple mechanics, but able to keep usglued to the mobile screen more than we would like. We talk about Tap Tap Trillionaire, which we must constantly tap the screen to amass money .

Tap Tap Trillionaire is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms. This takes the traditional clicker formula and adds a twist to it, in the form of stock trading. You can invest your earnings and use them to make a whole lot more money, but just like in real life investing, you can lose money too if you aren’t trading wisely.

In fact, all we need to do , in principle , in Tap Tap tap the screen Trillionaire is not to make money, as if they were falling from the sky. The interesting part is that we can hire investors we recommend a transaction to earn more money , always bearing in mind that this can go wrong and we can lose everything.

Thus, we will unlock investors to have our side 9 of the many that are available, loading them level so that their transactions are even more accurate. In addition, we also dedicate ourselves to invest in the market, buying and selling products, we will need to pay to unlock some of our money.

All this can be summarized that the goal of Tap Tap Trillionaire is to get money, money, money, money! The more money, the better, since the fine after all want to be trillionaires. As a detail, always see a bulletin board while we played quite humorous messages like “she used to call me on my cell phone”, imitating the famous Drake song Hotline Bling.

Tap Tap Trillionaire is available for free for iOS devices only, but soon also come to Android devices.Despite being a free download, it contains micropayments for gems with which you can get money faster, but do not need to put money in our pockets to play in any case.

Totally recommended if you want to be trillion dollar, or if you like touch screens to make money.


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