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Super Mario Run – Some Information Tips and Tricks


Super Mario Run marks the first time the plumber enters mobile phones with an own game and does so with a degree of solid and deep platforms.

Nintendo is a company often described as conservative . The same names own game after game: Mario, Zelda, Kirby. But nothing is further from reality, as it has always innovated in his mechanics; the procedure followed when creating a game playable part of a concept that then bind to one of their classic sagas mentioned or new ones, as happened with Splatoon.

Nor can one say that the company that popularized touch screens and motion sensors do not risk in their decisions, which in the year in which the – forever in our hearts gamer – Satoru Iwata died , and after taking the presidency the company by Tatsumi Kimishima, left the ostracism of their devices to begin a project that will bring their characters to Hollywood movies , amusement parks and, as in the present case, mobile devices.

That does not mean they will try their franchises with less affection, worrying about the quality of the product to reach a wider audience; or at least that’s the idea romping through our heads after a few hours to test a limited version of Super Mario Run hack .

The first time we see the mustachioed symbol Nintendo on a mobile device does not come to adapt to it, but to exploit their potential and take their favor limitations such as lack of buttons or vertical screen . The game does not feel like as a spin-off or less play, but another proposal, delivers more of his universe composed of titles of all kinds.

That feeling the check as the world play 1-1 and see that yes, Mario automatically advances , jumping (rather vacilona way, by the way) without touching the screen above the enemies and clinging to the edges of blocks if the jump is too fair, but this is merely lead to end the maxim of Nintendo games: easy to play and hard to master; that anyone can have fun with it but those who want a challenge to be assured that they will.

In this case the challenge comes with advanced techniques jump (we do by tapping on the screen and it will be longer the longer you keep your finger on the device) that have at our disposal, necessary to achieve the highest possible score by defeating all the enemies that we can, getting complete the level in the less time getting better and coins for the first time have a real utility (which arrive later in this text).

In addition to skill with your finger to get the highest scores we will need a thorough knowledge of the level , where are the enemies comes when this or jump; also blocks that get coins to link the possible maximum and enter the Coin Rush mode, which now receive the precious item in large numbers from all sides of the screen for a short time.

The levels have not seen before in a game of Super Mario, as part of the soil that willpause our career (which comes well before an unknown jump but will avoid facing a good score) or other blocks that will change the direction elements in which runs Mario; in the six worlds of four levels each that make the game we will meet with haunted houses, labyrinthine scenarios and castles Bowser, all very colorful and displayed on the screen whenever any visual reference in the foreground or background, for the player . And they also have their respective challenge of pink, purple and black coins, we will retry a phase and again to get them ; if we get all the coins in one level, a new version of it will be unlocked.

Let us finally the use of coins , you have here a utility beyond the capitalist Kneading was in New Super Mario Bros. 2; all revolves around the Mushroom Kingdom, which this time is more damaged than ever after the kidnapping of Princess Peach and have to rebuild and rehabilitate ourselves by buying different items from the store with precisely coins.

The more buildings we have, the Toad will come to our expandable kingdom (Toad who will walk around doing nothing useful, like rolling across the prairie) and in turn, the more Toad we have, the level will have our kingdom and sleeker will be the castle.

Toad also have a not very politically correct function. From the Mushroom Kingdom we can access with tickets that achieved in various ways, the Toad Rally , a way in which we willcompete for the best score in procedurally generated levels (and still with a good design) against any other player world or against our friends (which we can add through message, email, My Nintendo or friend code, which is back), in this case without the benefit or detriment.

The writer of these lines could compete against the ghost ofMiyamoto . Once the time limit ended level, our scores were compared and he lost. A myriad of sad Toads, who shook their heads from side to side, up from the bottom of the screen corresponding to Japanese creative to mine; ie in Toad Rally win and lose, as if money were addressed, Toads; Mushroom with legs is not the only character to appear in this mode where we willalso have Luigi and Yoshi as additional characters.

Nintendo can not be accused of being conservative, much less now: in a market where mobile games are based on monetization by micropayments and in sets of two or three euros emerging rarely profitable, the Japanese company enters this competitive market (with the help of his name) with a product that has no microtransactions, offering a trial version extensive enough to get an idea of Super Mario Run and a single payment of 9.99 euros.

Failing to access the next December 15 (in iOS in 2017 in Android) at all levels, to see how the World Champiñón develop and test the life that breathes the title Toad Rally, Super Mario Run is a game that feels both familiar and novel once but above all feels a Mario.

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