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Electronic Arts has for some time that the mobile game market is growing fast and therefore also the world-famous game SimCity brought to the smartphone.

For individuals who have invested in the game at any hour in their youth: In SimCity, you are mayor, you build a city (shops, sanitation and other public services), and you make sure that people are happy. The happier the people, the more tax you collect, the richer you become so.

To expand your city you have – yes – build houses. For your house, you need materials.And that is the crux: you’re an old school SimCity player, then it will not appeal to you constantly wood, steel, plastic and other materials to produce in factories. However Like no problem that a sauce Black & White  on the game’s cast, you can spend hours ‘free’ have fun at the 3D game.

‘Free’ yes. The US game developer hopes namely iron through in-app purchases money.Building materials, a police station, fire station or other building must include Simgeld be put on the table. As a player, you have two choices: either you wait a few hours until you can collect taxes and issue or sell merchandise or you buy with real money what virtual Sim cents.

This so-called free-to-play game only playable if you pay? Absolutely not, but then you have the motto “patience is a virtue” can live and not have the expectation that you have for hours playing the game together. However SimCity BuildIT without in-app purchases the guarantee for a long time fun.

Want Free Simoleons, Simcash and Simkeys…. Use this Simcity Buildit Hacken 🙂

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