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Tips to Win at Boom Beach

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Today we bring you the best tips to win Boom Beach . In this game you must use all your skills strategy because it is a fairly complex game. In’ll you need to create your own military bases and to defend them from enemy troops. For that reason we will tell you a couple of tips for you to start playing and achieve success.

As you commented Boom Beach hack is not a simple game. You ‘ll have to use many strategies and manage well your troops and good tactics and defense you can win many battles. Here we leave the best tips to win

The first advice we give you is to destroy the headquarters of your enemies. Try to approach each attack on the building. Other buildings should also be destroyed if they get in your way to victory.

The second tip is that you achieve your resources to protect investing in gold and ships. Invest in a vault, ships and gold to ensure your resources. If your enemies are able to overcome your defense, you must say goodbye to your resources. In order to avoid this, you have to build a vault. There you can protect your gold and timber. Of course this vault anger damaging, because of that you have to go fortifying.

The third tip is to know your troops. If you know well the characteristics and skills you possess your army, it will help a lot to develop a good strategy. The heavy troop is essential to place them in the first line of infantry. They can draw enemy fire and in turn let the other troops perform the remaining work.

With regard to riflemen, they are really good to help stun your enemies. It generates a large number of riflemen and the enemies will advance slower. It is also very important to count on Zookas and heavies. The tanks also provide excellent attacks but must take into account the tank will receive an additional damage to their guns and mines boom.

Know your defense is very important, you should know well your buildings and weapons to keep up your headquarters. The quills do much damage but its recovery time or recharge is slow. Try to have 1 or 2 on the battlefield.

In addition to placing boom mines and normal. The flamethrower will help you to annihilate enemy troops. Mortars and rocket launchers do too much damage to troops far-reaching. They also take a long time to load.

Another advice we give you is that you can see the buildings stand out from the clouds of the screen on the map, have vital resources. These will give a flow of materials. You have to discover that hide the clouds before starting your strategy.

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