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Pokémon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs

pokemon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs

At the beginning of your adventure in the world of Go Pokémon most likely you will not know how to best juggling between all members of the Niantic title, and if you want to grow as quickly as possible will surely make you comfortable to know some little tricks to exploit some particular game mechanics.

Precisely for this reason we decided to offer a brief overview of the app to discover some secrets that will allow you to leave with an edge and with all the information you need to grow as coaches. Some of these “tricks” are suitable both for novices who want to grow as fast as the experts, however, they are looking for a way to make a change more or less significant to their lives of coaches.

change Team

Once you reach level five you will have the chance to get inside a team and fight for the conquest of the gyms. Without too many explanations or warnings whatsoever you are asked to choose one of Wisdom Team, Team Instinct and Team Courage, a choice that can not be changed in any way within the game.

But there is a method that will allow you to switch teams without losing your saves and safely.There are several of Reddit users who have confirmed that contacting Niantic you can ask to change teams. It is however a unique opportunity and once changed team can not go back.The request in question is designed for those who have made a mistake in his choice and is only available for low-level users and for those who have not spent too much time with their team.

To submit a request to the developers you need to head to the official website and fill out an application form in which to enter some information explaining, moreover, why would you make the change. It is a process not too fast or immediate but could come in handy for some players who do not find any ally gym in the area or who would like to be part of the same team of a friend.

How to get XP in a jiffy

The method Pidgey

It was called Pidgey method but on balance this particular way of getting a lot of experience working with any common Pokémon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs that you might find in the area where you live (Rattata is a viable alternative). Here it is explained what to do in a few steps:

  • Captured a large amount of Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie, Rattata or other common Pokémon and leave them in your backpack
  • Prepare a Lucky Egg
  • Activates the Lucky Egg
  • Evolve all the pokémon you can

The Lucky Egg guarantees you a lot more experience than normal and evolve many pokémon is a real boon to the level of your avatar.

A Reddit user has also created a tool called PidgeyCalc : you enter the number of Pidgey that you own and the number of candy and this particular calculator will reveal whether it is appropriate to exploit a Lucky Egg and start the Pidgey method.

The method pokéstop

The method that you will subject below will not be immediately feasible but really prove helpful for those who want to get many experience points in no time. This particular method is also practically impossible in the country because there are not many Pokestop and certainly there are not two at the same time within reach. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Many pokeball, at least more than 50
  • At least two modules Bait
  • At least 2 Aromas
  • At least two incubators for eggs
  • lucky eggs
  • A place with at least 2 Pokestop selectable simultaneously

Once you’ve located an area with at least du Pokéstop reached simultaneously activated on the different modules of Esca Pokéstop and then ask a friend to activate an aroma to attract even more Pokémon. Now put all the eggs in the incubators can enable a Lucky Egg and start moving between different Pokéstop. Doing so will capture different pokémon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs getting twice the normal experience and you will also be able to evolve to pokémon several other experience.

By doing so you’ll have to do is capture all the pokémon can and make all the changes to get a ton of XP.

A cheat to have unlimited Aromas

What we propose is a small cheat that is not of our flour sack but was discovered by colleagues Gamepur . The cheat in question allows us to always be substantially covered by Aromas allowing consequence of not having to buy and spend coins that can be used for anything else.

But for this to cheat could be very useful? Because more flavors means more Pokémon, more candy, more stardust, more developments and therefore more experience for our avatar.Here, then, seven steps that will allow you to transform the aromas in a virtually infinite resource.

  1. Activated an Aroma
  2. Catch all the Pokémon you encounter until the 30-minute timer reaches 5 minutes
  3. Press the Home button and go into the Settings vosto smartphones and particularly in the section Date and Time
  4. Turn off the automatic update option date and time
  5. Modified time bringing it back 20 minutes
  6. Open the game and you will see that the Aroma timer is increased by 20 minutes
  7. Repeat the process for as long as you like

The evolutions of Eevee and a way to control them?

As you probably know if you have played in the past few chapters of franchie, Eevee is a very special pokémon since it is able to evolve in very different ways. Everything depends on the stone that is used but in GO Pokémon we do not have this type of stones. How, then, the evolution of Eevee? It seems that its transformation into one of Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon is totally random. You just have to cross our fingers and hope to stumble in your favorite.

Some users seem, however, to be able to affect the progress through a little trick. When you will capture an Eevee, or you will get it from an egg pokémon rename it using one of the nicknames that was used in the animated series. Choose one of Sparky to Jolteon, Vaporeon and Rainer for Pyro for Flareon to get your favorite evolution (also used a capital letter at the beginning).

Now exit the game after you assiucurati have saved, go back and go to evolution. It seems that the method works and certainly seems a better solution dell’affidarvi completely to chance.

The pokémon “duplication” are very useful

Do not be fooled by what the classic Pokémon video games have taught you over the course of many hours, in Pokémon Go catch more times the same pokémon is very useful and will allow you to grow your creatures considerably. How will you know if you have started to play and have captured some mostricciattoli, the app does not allow Niantic to gain experience through combat. The Pokémon can evolve only by exploiting the candy.

The candy can be obtained by exploiting the duplication to your advantage. Capturing them you can get the basic candy to enhance and evolve a certain type of Pokémon. Do not ignore someone who you have already captured because it could prove to be a goose that lays golden eggs, and most likely you will never been so happy to see the usual Zubat and Rattata.

Other tips:

What determines the rarity of pokémon we meet?

The different Pokémon are more easily found in areas related to their type and that is why it is more normal decisamene meet Squirtle near washbasins or Caterpie in woods and forests.From the beginning we will not have, however, the ability to capture all kinds of Pokemon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs as unlikely we will encounter some rare or legendary creature.

A little ‘as happens in the classic games of the series, the first few hours will see you struggling with pokémon quite common and classics like Pidgey or Zubat that after each capture will allow you to level up. The level will be, in fact, essential to start to meet more interesting creatures. The higher our simplest level will encounter Pokémon stronger and even rare that require for example the use of poke-ball more sophisticated and powerful as Megaball and Ultraball.

Mistake the launch of a pokeball

In your adventures definitely you happen to make a mistake in launching a pokeball but apparently may be able to save some ball retrieving them directly from the ground. It seems that by pressing quickly on them there is the possibility of recovering thus avoiding unnecessary waste of resources.

The PL and the potential of your pokémon

From the early stages of the game you will capture the Pokemon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs that have a certain PL. It is of fight points, a statistic that has to be as high as possible since it affects the strength of your every creature. The PL can be increased through upgrades or changes but you can not upgrade to infinity since every creature has reached a maximum limit. This potential is highlighted by a kind of white bow visible above the Pokémon and based on this bow you will need, necessarily, to decide who empower and who does not.

A Pokémon with a PL is not particularly high and a bow already highly developed is not the right choice for you and most likely worth it to save the candy waiting for someone stronger and higher potential.

How to save battery

Like any game that requires the use of GPS and a constant connection to the internet Pokémon Go threatens to dry up rather quickly the battery of your smartphone, but there are some things that might be for you. It starts for example from activating the “power saving” mode from the game menu. A setting that does not work according to many the best but that is still useful advantage.

When you have selected the setting turn the screen upside down in order to put the application in a kind of standby mode which will allow us nonetheless to receive the reports when the Pokémon will be in the area but which will use much less battery.

Other methods to further reduce the battery consumption is to disable the augmented reality and download the data of the local map from Google Maps that you are going to explore.

Make updates PokeStop

The PokeStop places are usually located in the vicinity of monuments or places of interest. In this area you can purchase items from the basic pokeball but also much more. What is more interesting is the fact that these sites also allow you to get the free items when the icon is blue. Once you obtained the icon will turn purple, but soon we will return to the area to stock up again and get further experience. Just wait about 5 or 10 minutes.

Locate hidden pokémon

The Pokémon that are in adjacent areas are indicated by an icon at the bottom and the footprints that indicate the distance (less footsteps = nearest Pokémon). In some cases, however, there are no footprints, what does it mean? These are creatures that lie hidden in the zone to be identified will require you to act quickly in a well defined area. When you come across these pokémon you must click on its icon to see appear on the map the point where you start to “investigate.” The pokémon go hack for pokecoins and pokeballs should finally appear for a fight.

In these situations you can encounter in a particular area showing grass in motion. This is also a clear indication of the presence of a possible hidden pokémon but may take some time before they appear and as a result you have to wait maybe for a couple of minutes.

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