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Click the screen without stopping to get rich in Tap Tap Trillionaire

Click the screen without stopping to get rich in Tap Tap Trillionaire


If in time you disfrutasteis of Bitcoin Billionaire , I’ll be happy to know the game greatly that we present today by the similarities it presents. Again we have a game with very simple mechanics, but able to keep usglued to the mobile screen more than we would like. We talk about Tap Tap Trillionaire, which we must constantly tap the screen to amass money .

Tap Tap Trillionaire is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms. This takes the traditional clicker formula and adds a twist to it, in the form of stock trading. You can invest your earnings and use them to make a whole lot more money, but just like in real life investing, you can lose money too if you aren’t trading wisely.

In fact, all we need to do , in principle , in Tap Tap tap the screen Trillionaire is not to make money, as if they were falling from the sky. The interesting part is that we can hire investors we recommend a transaction to earn more money , always bearing in mind that this can go wrong and we can lose everything.

Thus, we will unlock investors to have our side 9 of the many that are available, loading them level so that their transactions are even more accurate. In addition, we also dedicate ourselves to invest in the market, buying and selling products, we will need to pay to unlock some of our money.

All this can be summarized that the goal of Tap Tap Trillionaire is to get money, money, money, money! The more money, the better, since the fine after all want to be trillionaires. As a detail, always see a bulletin board while we played quite humorous messages like “she used to call me on my cell phone”, imitating the famous Drake song Hotline Bling.

Tap Tap Trillionaire is available for free for iOS devices only, but soon also come to Android devices.Despite being a free download, it contains micropayments for gems with which you can get money faster, but do not need to put money in our pockets to play in any case.

Totally recommended if you want to be trillion dollar, or if you like touch screens to make money.


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Getting started Royal Clash, first decks

clash royale tips

Today we present the first part of the guide “How to start on Clash Royale”. Before you jump into the arena, you must first build a deck, solid and versatile. First, put the cards with which you most you feel comfortable, then try later to balance the deck as the cost elixirs that diversity maps.

The balance of a deck in elixirs

For a beginner deck, make a deck with an average elixirs between 3.2 and 3.8. For the more advanced, a deck between 3.6 and 4.3 seems more appropriate.

The interest to do a deck in this slice of average elixirs is quite simple, cards with high costs represent those who put in the most danger when you make a mistake: sending a rocket to 6 and elixirs not to create “elixirs advantage” or some pressure certainly will lead you to your loss so that sending a bomber 3 elixirs without it got much penalize you certainly, but to a lesser extent. A deck below this range will be annihilated by a single fate like Arrows or Fireball.

The variety of cards

Have you ever met a ball that shaves all your towers by lack of air-raid? Do you ever broke a horde of skeletons without being able to manage? It is no doubt that your deck with a variety of card problem. For a deck is considered balanced and ready for any situation, we recommend the following ratios with the first cards available.

At least 2 anti-aerial maps (not out). Their goal is to destroy enemy air units (example: the Baby Dragon). The most used for this role cards are currently:

Anti-aircraft units

cr_communes_gargouilles cr_communes_gobelinsalances cr_rares_mousquetaire

Minimum 1 card-type spell, they serve to destroy or slow mass units. The most used for this role cards are currently:


cr_communes_fleches cr_epiques_gel cr_rares_bouledefeu

Minimum 1 card-type building, their goal is to gain an advantage over your opponent by destroying enemy units (for Canon and the Tower of hell) or to take the lead in generating more elixirs (for the collector elixirs). The most used building cards are currently:

The buildings

cr_communes_canon cr_rares_collecteurdelixir cr_rares_tourdelenfer

Minimum 1 AoE card type. As the fates, their purpose is to destroy the mass units. The most used cards for AoE damage are currently:

AoE units

cr_epiques_bebedragon cr_epiques_sorciere cr_rares_valkyrie

It is also strongly advised to have a sample unit “Tank”, their goal is to take damage for the rest of your units can do damage to enemy units and enemy towers. Most Played tanks are:


cr_epiques_pekka cr_epiques_squelettegeant cr_rares_geant

It is on this principle that the decks at the top of the legendary arena were built! Add the 2 most suited cards to your style of play and will bring down many towers! The most highest arenas are just waiting for you!

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App To Use : Simcity Buildit

simcity buildit tips and tricks

Electronic Arts has for some time that the mobile game market is growing fast and therefore also the world-famous game SimCity brought to the smartphone.

For individuals who have invested in the game at any hour in their youth: In SimCity, you are mayor, you build a city (shops, sanitation and other public services), and you make sure that people are happy. The happier the people, the more tax you collect, the richer you become so.

To expand your city you have – yes – build houses. For your house, you need materials.And that is the crux: you’re an old school SimCity player, then it will not appeal to you constantly wood, steel, plastic and other materials to produce in factories. However Like no problem that a sauce Black & White  on the game’s cast, you can spend hours ‘free’ have fun at the 3D game.

‘Free’ yes. The US game developer hopes namely iron through in-app purchases money.Building materials, a police station, fire station or other building must include Simgeld be put on the table. As a player, you have two choices: either you wait a few hours until you can collect taxes and issue or sell merchandise or you buy with real money what virtual Sim cents.

This so-called free-to-play game only playable if you pay? Absolutely not, but then you have the motto “patience is a virtue” can live and not have the expectation that you have for hours playing the game together. However SimCity BuildIT without in-app purchases the guarantee for a long time fun.

Want Free Simoleons, Simcash and Simkeys…. Use this Simcity Buildit Hacken 🙂


FIFA 17: Coins and coins in Ultimate Team – Tips, Tricks and Hints

fifa 16

Since the middle of last week finally works the webapp for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team .Although you can so not occur on the virtual pitch, but have the ability to open first packs to equip positions with desired players, and to be active in the transfer market. Ultimate Team stands and falls with the coins. Here you will find therefore a guide on how to access it in 17 FIFA can get coins.

The FIFA 17 mobile Coins Generator is the currency for the new players, but also events, managerial and team cards for your team to buy. Coins come in the following ways:

  • Upon completion of a game.
  • Chance of a map in packs.
  • By selling players.
  • By depositing players.
  • As a reward for a tournament victory.
  • After playing in FUT Draft .

Already, the login is worth in the FUT webapp. Players who have an Ultimate Team in previous FIFA versions and this resume can look forward to the days until the release of the main game about everyday gifts in the form of packs or free coins. In addition, one should consider FIFA preorder 16 . For an extra charge can be obtained in this way more free packs.

FIFA 17 Coins: tips and tricks for the first million

  • Only who collects clever tactics coins, his personal Ultimate is able to put together a team. #
  • In particular, players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but also rare Team Of The Week poker players can ever cost millions of coins that are her, never get in the normal way, that is by playing.
  • An excellent source that shows you the average prices, strengths and more to Ultimate Team players and a squad Creator provides, is Futhead .
  • In online games, you get generally more coins than playing against the AI. Notice here, however, that the difficulty is accordingly higher and you may not get to enjoy to tap one of the rewards for a tournament victory. Among the rewards player packs can be, usually you will receive but also a decent chunk of caps after winning a league or a cup tournament.
  • Especially in online games you should make sure that you play the games even with disastrous savegames to end. Cancels her a game intentionally ago from decreases your coin multiplier and you will receive a lower bonus at the end of the game.
  • During the past season were price ranges introduced. Players are thus only to a certain extent be traded, a Bronze player can not unjustified change for hundreds of thousands of coins the club z. B.. This amendment would especially coin buyers and sellers put a stop to EA Sports.
  • EA Sports is also this year players afterwards that subvert the transfer system and buy z. B. Coins or want to sell. Especially players who exploit glitches to get free new coins are likely to see an account lock.

FIFA 17 Coins: cheats for more coins?

Of course there is also the question of whether we can come to coins by a cheat or hack easily in Ultimate Team. Especially with Ultimate Team is a great deceiver scene has developed, finally there is some rare cards or entire teams ever require several hundred euros on eBay and Co. * . Often make hacker lust for Coins advantage. So you will under a sensational headline or a gleeful comment like “Hey guys, here (link) I have just received 20,000 Coins free!” Lured to a Web page, while the Ultimate Team web app looks suspiciously similar, but of cyber criminals was created. Here ye your Ultimate Team login Enter and gain allegedly thousands of UT-free coins on your account.

However, what actually happens: you give a your data, at first glance, nothing happens. In the background, the fraudsters have now, however, access to your Ultimate Team account and plunder calmly your squad. For this reason, you should click on a link that promises you Ultimate Team Coins for free and submit your FUT login information anywhere, except on the official FUT webapp itself.

From the opportunity to buy 16 coins FIFA, z. B. on eBay, you should refrain. EA Sports were the coin dealers already longer an eyesore, already since last year is to be used consistently etc. cracked down with bans against buyers and sellers. Read also:

  • FIFA 17: cheaters, Bot users and coin dealers threatens the ban hammer


Free FIFA 17 Coins – Tips and Tricks for packs

Will you get coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, there are some other legal and safe way. In addition to online tournaments you can you try in online seasons to get Coins. Depending on the gameplay are here for each batch of between 400 – inside and 800 Coins. Single-player games you can of course also be used for coins, although there are fewer points.


When Pack purchase is actually worth the rare bronze Pack. Although the package contains only the weak Bronze player, but it is also very cheap. One rare Bronze players can often be sold for 10 times the Pack value. Especially shortly after release of Ultimate Team you can also “normal” Bronze player for a Buy It Now price of 200 to 250 coins put on the transfer list and so have the purchase price for the package quickly in the account. Rare, quick Bronze players are also welcome to be worth more than 1,000 coins.

In Gold packages especially to her later should not resort to cheap packs. In general, the market will already jaded, so you often get no more than 300 coins, 600 coins (rare gold player) for solid gold players. Respect among players from packs, but also in the transfer market at 5-star Skiller . This is to players who have all the tricks and skill moves in FIFA 16 in the repertoire. Among them are also some silver or golden football player with a more parlous overall strength. These players are very popular with many UT-gamblers and costs accordingly more than one might suspect.

FIFA 17 coins through action

Particularly through action can increase quickly you your account. Concentrate on a league and makes you familiar with the current sales prices. Then go in the transfer market before up to the players who are still 59 minutes available on the transfer market. Typically, these are matches that have just been placed only on the market. Especially beginners throw valuable player at rock bottom prices on the market, so that you can tear a bargain here.Sets also a focus on the best player of jeweiligejn League. Due to the team chemistry, most UT players focus on building a league-specific teams, the hunt for the best players of each league is accordingly high. We have the best players in the individual leagues for you at a glance:

  • The best league players
  • The best Premier League player
  • Best Serie A Player
  • The best Ligue 1 player
  • The best players from the Russian league

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Clash Royale: 8 important tips to help newcomers to the arena

Clash Royale free gems is a new strategy game for iOS and Android. It is a mix of tower Defense- and card game and plays differently than about Clash of Clans. Thus you succeed as a strategist at the beginning, we here have important tips for beginners. So you win maybe more often than before, and rises quickly.


Clash Royale works in principle simple. You step in a duel online against other players. The aim is to destroy the enemy castle with the king. Below the screen you see your card hand, from the plays off their cards. Placed troops as knights or archers or targeting with an ability like hail of arrows at enemies (also in its half). Notice, however, that each card usage costs elixir.Elixir automatically loads itself nevertheless gradually again.

Win their games, are allowed to open their chests and so receives the game-monetary gold, the premium currency jewels or new cards. One of the best cards the way include the rare and especially the epic maps. Read on the following pages important tips for beginners, so you win and faster access to the most cards.

Useful Tricks for victory

1- Wait quietly at the beginning of a match and looks something until the opponent placed first units. then responds with the appropriate response and playing cards that beat this enemy units clearly.

2- Resets about air units against troops who can not shoot at flying units.Against single, strong opponents you throw a lot of small troops in the field and to many small forces caused her best surface damage in Clash Royale – for example, with the magic ” arrows “. Defended well once using your tower – a massive counterstrike falls so often easier.

3- Attack her with slow and strong units (tanks) as the giants to, puts them on the map as possible below. Until the giant reached the bridge, your elixir is namely quickly recharged. Then you can quickly place multiple units at the bridge, running with the Giants and support him.

4- Placed ranged units like archers or bomber behind a giant. The giant protects your ranged in Clash Royale namely against frontal attacks of the enemy.

5- Do you have a building that troops ejects, you placed it possible behind a tower. The tower can namely take more damage, thus protecting your building and thus it produces in the game more troops.

6- On your card hand you should at least a spell as the fireball or arrows have. Arrows we can highly recommend because of the low costs and the considerable attack radius.

7- Have a moderate unit (Mid-tank) such as a knight ready. Think also of flying units. We recommend the baby dragon in the luggage. Have a contrario whatsoever units flying troops can shoot. These are, for example, archers and Musketierin .

8- You can building in Clash Royale place in the attacking half. For this you must but first one of the towers of the enemy to destroy. If your building now on in his half, you can exert even more pressure.

9- You can improve your cards in Clash Royale gems hack and increase the individual values. Collect cards of the same type and from a certain number can you upgrade the map. this is indicated with a green bar on your map browser. An improvement will cost you indeed gold, but the upgrade is worth the fight.

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