GTA V seems destined to be eternal. Without eating or drinking it, its GTA money cheats Online, robust, content and very funny seem to be able to fulfill the longevity promises of other video games focused absolutely online, like Destiny or Evolve (without demeaning, eye).

The blows, or heists, have been with us since March 10th. The contribution of the same to GTA Online has been very celebrated, knowing how to be demanding, difficult and impossible to complete without a perfect cooperation among all its members. Today we collect some recommendations to address them, and incidentally, we ask that we may tell your tricks on our facebook , sure that you have, beasts. Ready to hit?

5. The blows of GTA Online require you to be at the level

Do not try to be the leader to start playing the rounds online GTA V let the experience guide you and advise you as a member of the group. You have to enjoy the missions, see them, play them with different teams and learn the best way to overcome them before trying to command and form your own team; Of course see and learn from all the mistakes made by leaders less clever, of course.

Only when you are level, when you see yourself capable, will be the time to go for that juicy prize of the two million dollars that are obtained by overcoming all the blows with the same crew and by order. A challenge and a very interesting approach to play again and again the blows. Prepare to be the best, my friend.

4. Forget to go to your ball, in the blows of GTA Online communication is fundamental

Yes, it is very tempting to believe that you are the protagonist of the film, but the blows of GTA V Online that does not count . Grab your helmets and micro and learn to communicate, or use the twitter if you prefer Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hacks ( it is recommended that the leader has added to the meeting to other members of the group; make yourselves colleagues, man already).

Speak things well, read the instructions of the blows and fulfill your role. It is essential to play in a team and understand that it is fundamental to win. And the payments to 25%, which is how elegant.

Worry about your peers, if you can see that you can give them a hand, do it. We all know how we are playing online and that as you play it to someone in your team, this will end up giving back at the most inopportune moment, getting the whole execution of the blow, you are in the phase of this you are going to the club.

3. Practice with other missions before launching yourself to the blows of GTA Online

Beats Online GTA V are not for beginners. If you go crazy to pursue the objectives of the blows it is possible that you end up eating a crashing failure. There are numerous missions in GTA V that reproduce sections of the blows to perform. Controlling these, their rhythms and demands is fundamental to ensure your victory.

Look for them and dominate them, and above all, pass them in difficult, because that will be the level that you will be asked to have in the blows. What better way is there to invite replayability than knowing that you will be better off in your future companies? This, in addition, is a good training to dare to then become the head of your own death squad.

2. For the hits of GTA Online equip well.

Do not you think of going to a heist without going well equipped, especially when it comes to elements of healing and protection. Do not make the goat playing the hits of GTA V , I am cautious. Whenever you think it convenient, leave the action for a while, look for a corner, hide and recover energies, look around and, once in shape, return to the fight.

For this it is fundamental that you go to Ammunation and to the stores that you think convenient. Bulletproof vests are your best friends as well as food. This prior planning is essential, but also keep in mind that you need to know when to take action and when to take refuge and, above all, to be calm. Cold mind and full life, assailant.

1. A for the achievements that give you the blows of GTA Online

Experience makes the robber. Fortunately, beats GTA V Online , as you have seen and you will have proven, are a compendium of all that you did during the campaign and online, only with colleagues and a lot of money involved. He reverses with his head, strikes with his head and runs away with the pasta as a lord.

When you have mastered all the tricks of the game, you have to go for the achievements. GTA Online’s achievements include nine achievements that will give you 250 points, including Parole Day (completing The Prison Break mission), Dead Presidents (finishing The Fleeca and The Pacific Standard), Ready A mission to prepare the coup), In the name of science (to be given upon completing The Human Labs as well as the Series A of finance, as lien of the robbery or group) and Brain (if you get 25 medals of platinum in preparatory missions And late hits).

The achievement “Untouchable” will be given to you if you complete a stroke without suffering damage. The so-called “Enjoy a little” will grant you by spending eight million dollars on vehicles update. The achievement “A Four Bands” is actitva when distributing the booty to the 25%, being you the leader and “Mandamás” will be given to you if you invest the money gained in preparing a robbery.

These are our five recommendations, tips or whatever you want to call it, but we know that you are all experts in GTA 5 Online money hack, do you tell us how you have been your experience in the wonderful online universe of Rockstar? Comment Below